GWO Advanced Rescue Training - ART


Target group:

For those who already are certified in Work At Height, but work in challenging areas such as the hub, wing, basement, nacelle or confined spaces.


Course goal:

After a successful completion of the course, the participant shall:

Perform advanced rescues in the wind turbine environment such as hub, wing, basement, nacelle and crawl spaces
Evacuate in an emergency, both up and down depending on situation
Evaluate different rescue strategies depending on situation
Use a cervical collar
Use a spine-board and a rescue stretcher
Implement rescue planning depending on the work both for single assignment as well as for the whole organization


Theoretical elements:

National and international requirements for work in exposed areas
Emergency planning
Rescue stretcher, spine-board and cervical collar
The evacuation equipment and its specifications
Anchorage points, what we should think of and how do the angels affect us?
Planning for a rescue both as a group and as a single rescuer


Practical elements:

Using a rescue stretcher and spine-board
Use of a cervical collar
Rescue from hub
Rescue from wing
Rescue from crawl space
Rescue from confined spaces
Rescue from cellar
Hoisting of a person
Evacuation both inside and outside of the tower



Valid GWO Working at height or GWO Working at height Refresher

Valid GWO First Aid or GWO First Aid Refresher.

Valid GWO Manual Handling or GWO Manual Handling Refresher



3 days.


Number of participants:

Minimum 4 and maximum 8 people.


Course location:

Nordjyllands Beredskabs Training center in Aalborg.


Course price:

Danish Kr. 9.289,00 per. participant, excl. VAT and incl. meals and materials.



The course is valid for 24 months.




19 September 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8
12 December 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8