GWO Enhanced First Aid - EFA



Enhanced First Aid - EFA


 Target group

Personnel (technicians) working in wind power with the aim of increasing their acute care skills. It is also aimed at employees who want to improve their level of knowledge within emergency care.


Course goal:

After a successful completion of the course, the participant shall:
Delivering immediate enhanced First Aid based on the “C”-ABCDE principle.
Good knowledge of enhanced prehospital care
Knowledge of Telemedical Consultation
Knowledge of “C”-A-B-C-D-E
Knowledge about Laws and regulations


Theoretical elements

National and international requirements
Injury Assessment/pathophysiology
Deliver enhanced life saving first aid using the C-ABCDE principal
Action/emergency plan in an Emergency
Telephone Consulting
Knowledge about medical equipment within prehospital care:

- Bag valve mask (BMV)
- Spineboard
- Stretcher
- Cervical collar
- Oropharyngeal tube
- Laryngeal tube
- Pulsoximeter
- Heart rate monitor
- Analgesic and medication
- Drug administration


Practical elements

Practical training and assessment /care with the C-ABCDE principal:

- Casualty position / free airways needed to facilitate breathing with advanced equipment
- Assisted breathing with equipment
- Stop serious bleeding with advanced equipment
- Defibrillators
- Immobilisation

Scenario based training



Valid GWO First Aid or GWO First Aid Refresher.



3 days.


Number of participants:

Minimum 4 and maximum 8 people.


Course location:

Nordjyllands Beredskabs Training center in Aalborg.


Course price:

Danish Kr. 7.688,00 per. participant, excl. VAT and incl. meals and materials.



The course is valid for 24 months.




26 February 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8
17 June 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8
09 September 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8
09 December 2024, 08:00
Place: Aalborg
Free seats: 8